Check out the affordable AMB_O3 Ambient Ozone Analyzer!

We are proud to announce our new economically priced ambient ozone analyzer. Offering the same features as high price UV absorption analyzers at a third of the cost!!

AMB_O3 2016





Sentinel_EVO_PB 2016

COMING SOON!! This is the most exciting analyzer yet and is sure to be an iphone moment in the oxygen and ozone industry… Stay tuned!!

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The Sentinel PSAG oxygen controller has saved our facility thousands of dollars. We had burned up several oxygen generators before the installation of the Sentinel. It has provided a safe guard for equipment that is not only expensive to replace, but also difficult to find in a timely manner. We also found customer service to be extraordinary. We were fortunate enough to have the Sentinel’s inventor do the installation and upkeep of the unit. Overall the Sentinel has been a success here and we plan to utilize them in future installs and upgrades.

– Mike Gramley, Curator / Senior Fisheries Biologist, Go Fish Education Center

We’ve been using the Sentinel PSAG for over a year now on three of our systems without any failures, prior to this we would need to totally replace our oxygen and ozone equipment every four to six months and costing us thousands of dollars in repairs.

– Chris Cuthbert, Life Support & Engineering Manager, The Florida Aquarium

We have had two Sentinel PSAG units for almost 6 months now. After spending close to $30,000 on our ozone water treatment and filtration system upgrade, we needed a way to protect our investment. The Sentinel PSAG does just that. The installation was simple and flawless. The controller is user friendly and it also continually displays O2 purity as well as outgoing pressure. It’s easy to see that our Sentinels are a great tool for saving us repair and maintenance costs in addition to protecting our ozone water treatment system.


– -Mark Dyke- Parlor Manager, Bos-Dairy LLC, Fair Oaks, IN.
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